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Making Mobility Smarter

What we do

Anadue is growing profitable shared micromobility in over 30 cities across 6 countries.

We provide Operators and Cities with the tools they need to grow shared micromobility. Our technology combines real-time data from shared vehicles with a wide range of other data, and uses Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics to support new features, automate processes, and generate high-value insights needed to provide clean, safe and profitable mobility services.

Our mission

Our mission is cleaner air, safer streets, more convenience and better value for money.  


Anadue was established to provide solutions to shared mobility operators, and the cities that host them, to ensure the successful migration of urban streets from congested, polluted, car-centric spaces to places where people enjoy living, working, shopping and relaxing.

Anadue’s powerful analytics take shared mobility to the next level:
Pathfinder for operators
CitySmarts for cities

Mike Manchip


Serial entrepreneur with a deep understanding of  big data analytics

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Adam Tarshis


An engineer by education, but a Sales and Marketing professional by career

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Robin Wheeler


Sales executive with an outstanding record of building global business

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Shared vehicles
& Customer App
Roads, public transport, weather, landmark data
& Economic data
Local Government

Better cities, safe streets, clean air, improved vitality


Increased profit from new features, fleet optimisation & efficient operations

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