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About us

Anadue was founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2017 to harness the power of data generated by the rapidly growing number of connected vehicles.  The first live deployment analyzed the movement of connected fleets of cars and trucks.


The founders had a long career in big data analytics from the telco sector, and identified that transport and logistics were the next market to experience disruptive growth due to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Founded 2017
Pivot to shared micromobility

By 2019, it had become clear that shared micromobility was going to dramatically change the way people travelled.


Anadue’s platform was perfectly positioned to take a feed of data on the location, status and trips taken on bikes and scooters, and convert this data in valuable insights to help manage the fleet more profitably.

Solutions developed with Operators

Working closely with several shared micromobility operators, existing applications were enhanced, new solutions developed and multiple APIs supported for a wide range of mobility platforms. As well as providing insights from the vast quantities of data being generated by fleets of connected vehicles, automation of frequent tasks emerged as an incredibly valuable feature.

As the shared micromobility market has matured, there is increasing focus on profitability, making Anadue’s automation and optimization solutions even more attractive to a huge and rapidly growing

Anadue today

Anadue's range of solutions has expanded to solve the most urgent challenge facing shared micromobility operators today; maximizing profit through the optimal management of fleet, workforce, and customers. A single partner with broad capabilities and an open platform for future growth.

Ready to get started?

Contact Anadue to find out more about how we’re making shared mobility a viable and profitable way to change the way we travel.


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