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Evaluate New Cities


Evaluate New Cities

Before you commit deploying in a new city, you should check that there’s a strong probability that the city is attractive for shared micromobility. Or maybe you have a long list of candidate cities and you want to prioritize the ones that will generate the biggest profits. Anadue’s Flexmap brings together diverse and complimentary information into a single map that you can use to evaluate cities, plan your optimum service area, identify parking locations, and where to locate your facilities.

The exact data varies by city, but Flexmap can include:

Roads, Footpaths and Cycle paths

Public Transport Infrastructure (e.g. Train Stations and Bus Stops)

Places of Interest (e.g. Universities)

Population Demographics (Density, Age Profile, etc)

Socioeconomic data (Household Income, Car Ownership, etc)

Land Use data (Residential, Retail, etc)

CitySmarts Solution

​CitySmarts differentiates you from other shared micromobility operators. You can offer local and city government unique added value. Watch this 90-second video on our CitySmarts solution.

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City Reporting

To grow quickly and access the best markets, you need to clearly communicate the value you bring to cities. It can be a very time consuming task to prepare mandatory reports for government, but Anadue automates these, and much more. Differentiate yourself when bidding for permits by offering city government direct access to unique impact reports that go far beyond their mandatory requirements.

Key focus on:

Benefit to residents and local business


Carbon emission reduction

Multi-mode journeys

Over 25 cities currently self-serve reports on shared mobility via Anadue CitySmarts.

Management Insights

You need to understand what’s happening to optimise your investments and make the correct business decisions. Analysing raw data in-house is complex and requires an expensive and highly skilled team. Anadue provides the key data you need, at a cost effective price.

Key focus on:

Right-size your fleet in each city

Locating vehicles where most trips start

Optimise your operations

Ensure compliance to fleet caps

Correctly react to seasonal variation

Identify new locations for parking bays

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing cuts the costs of rebalancing and gets vehicles back into revenue generating locations by encouraging your customers to ride vehicles away from low demand areas. Targeted price reductions can actually make a positive impact on revenue and profits.

Factors that can trigger a price change include one or more of the following:

Long parking duration for a specific vehicle

Predicted parking duration based on area

Set time periods

The weather

Distance to significant Places of Interest (PoI)

Anadue has seen revenue increase between 25% and 41% following the introduction of dynamic pricing.

Customers & Profits

Profitability can be dramatically improved by retaining high spending customers and understanding which products are profitable, and which make a loss. Customer feedback can also provide unique insights into the perception of your service, allowing you to identify new opportunities for revenue and profit.

The Customers & Profit module enables you to eliminate issues that cause churn, whether that’s a single customer’s bad ride, or significant issues that make your service unattractive to many. It measures the effect of marketing campaigns, and how well you are converting downloads into riders and revenue. Finally, it does the heavy number crunching to determine which tariffs are most profitable and which are losing you money. With this additional insight, you will be able to improve your performance, and grow faster and more profitably.

Retain high spending customers

Discover customers’ concerns

Check the profitability of each price plan in each city

Release money stuck in virtual wallets

Measure marketing results

Identify faulty vehicles that are not in alarm state

The major features of Pathfinder Customers & Profit are:

Operations & Maintenance

The Operations & Maintenance module enables efficient operations, ensuring your fleet has the optimum number of vehicles, that they are positioned optimally and that those vehicles are available to rent (for example, not in maintenance or with low battery). Operational efficiency reduces the costs of rebalancing, recharging and repairing the fleet. It also enables you to remove some vehicles from the street with little or no impact on revenue.

On-street operations are a significant portion of your workforce, and a significant cost. Our analytics enable you to drill down to the individual productivity of your employees and ensure you right-size your operations, and detect problem areas. 

The major features of Pathfinder Operations & Maintenance are:

Fleet Rebalancing

Fleet Utilisation & Availability

Maintenance Team Benchmarking

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