Data-driven decision making gives you insights into which routes are most popular with riders, and track the effectiveness of changes you make to roads, junctions, cycle paths and parking allocations.

Coming out of the Covid-19 crisis, we will need to maintain social distancing for some time, reducing the capacity of public transport. Shared micromobility is ideally placed to offload passengers from crowded busses and trains for urban journeys. Encouraging shared micromobility will mitigate an increase in car journeys, with the associated increase in pollution, carbon emissions and congestion. 

These are just some of the many ways CitySmarts can help your city become a better place to live, work and relax. For a demonstration, please contact us.


CitySmarts is a city-wide solution, proving insight into the mobility health of the city, and how it affects city life.

Improving mobility in cities

Anadue’s CitySmarts platform supports data-driven decision making for local governments responsible for transport, air quality, city planning and meeting carbon emission targets.


We give you the confidence that shared mobility schemes are complying with the rules you’ve set, and the evidence to take action where they aren’t. This gives you the power to manage the relationship between shared mobility operators, riders and other right-of-way users. We identify the impact micromobility schemes have on the quality of life in cities, including how micromobility vehicles are ridden, where/how they are parked, and compliance to regulations such as caps on fleet size or the requirement to serve certain neighbourhoods.


For roads, we make available reports on problems like congestion, speeding near schools and predicting poor air quality. Because CitySmarts uses no underground or road-side sensors, it can gather data from every street used by vehicles sending connected car data. This opens the possibility to identify residential streets suffering from speeding and wide-area surveys of traffic trends.

Encouraging multi-mode travel is a goal of many local authorities. CitySmarts shows you how many shared micromobility journeys start or finish close to transport hubs, allowing you to support the migration to greener transport options for commuters, shoppers and leisure travel.