Unlock the growth of micromobility


Anadue’s Pathfinder platform addresses the most important issues facing micromobility operators; building a profitable business, and complying to local regulations.

In addition, our powerful analytics support strategic decision making and tactical operational challenges.

Management Dashboard

At a glance feedback on the performance of your fleet, including the total number of rides, average distance per ride, rides per vehicle and many other important KPIs.

Demand Prediction

Machine Learning algorithms predict future rider demand so you can put the right number of vehicles in the right place at the right time.

Rebalancing Reports

Clear instructions to your street teams on where to pick up vehicles in areas where supply exceeds demand, and where to drop them off to maximise revenue.

Station Performance Reports

Understand which parking locations generate the most rides, the most revenue and the most profit. If you don't have defined parking locations, we show the same data as a city wide grid.

Stranded Vehicles

Identify all vehicles not used for several days, or that have low battery charge. 

These are just a small selection of the reports available to reveal opportunities for you to increase rides and maximise your profits.


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