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Why everybody loves a discount, even those offering them!

It might surprise you to learn that there is a single thing that can massively improve the utilization of your shared micromobility fleet, while simultaneously reducing your operating costs. It returns scooters and bikes stranded in low foot-fall areas back into circulation, and even makes your customers feel good!

That one thing is Anadue’s Dynamic Pricing. Lowering prices of specific vehicles, under carefully calculated conditions, actually increases revenue.

Everyone’s a winner. You reduce the costs of rebalancing your fleet because your customers move vehicles from low-demand to high-demand areas. One discounted ride can generate an additional two or three rides on that vehicle throughout the day once it’s back in a more popular area. Customers love a discount, and you’ll love offering discounts that more than pay for themselves with increased revenue.

Using Machine Learning and Process Automation, Anadue can analyze a wide range of factors to maximize the revenue your fleet generates, including (but not limited to!) localized predicted demand, localized average parking duration, the weather, time/day of the week, distance to Places of Interest, marketing campaigns, and even per vehicle and per rider special deals.

Anadue has real examples where the deployment of Anadue’s Dynamic Pricing has increased revenue by 25% compared to cities where Dynamic Pricing is not deployed. We need to act fast to collect this data because once the benefits of Dynamic Pricing are known, Operators want to deploy it in all their cities!

The cost of Anadue’s Dynamic Pricing is a tiny fraction of the increased revenue generated, offering the operator a massive Return on Investment.

To find out how you can benefit from Anadue’s Dynamic Pricing, contact us now at




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