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What has analytics ever done for us?

John: What has analytics ever done for us?

Jill: It helped us win our licence to operate.

John: Oh yeah, yeah it did that. Yeah. That's true.

Sabrina: And the pre-launch planning.

John: Oh yes... pre-launch planning, you remember what that used to be like? All right, I'll grant you that winning our licence to operate and the pre-launch planning are two things that analytics has done...

Kelly: And the optimised rebalancing...

John: Well yes, obviously the optimised rebalancing... the optimised rebalancing goes without saying. But apart from the licence to operate, the pre-launch planning and the optimised rebalancing...

Jill: Demand prediction...

Sabrina: Detection of hoarded vehicles... targeted marketing... proving our positive impact to the community... planning parking sites...

John: Yes... all right, fair enough...

Kelly: And finding vehicles unused for days...

Jill: Oh yes! True!

Sabrina: Yeah. That's something we'd really miss without analytics.

Kelly: Knowing which customers are at risk of leaving!

John: All right... all right... but apart from winning our licence to operate, and pre-launch planning and optimised rebalancing and demand prediction and detection of hoarded vehicles and targeted marketing and proving our positive impact to the community and planning parking sites and finding vehicles unused for days and knowing which customers are at risk of leaving... what has analytics done for us?

Jill: Made us profitable!

John: What!? Oh... Profits... I give up!




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