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The analysis of “Why?”

Are you ignoring your most important asset?

Anadue is in the business of analytics.

We predict the best place to locate your vehicles to maximise rides and revenue. We direct the actions of your street teams to ensure vehicles are maintained and recharged at optimum intervals. Anadue even provides you with reports that build strong relationships between you and the city governments where you operate.

Analytics are amazing for building strong, profitable, sustainable shared mobility businesses.

Up until now, Anadue has focused on reporting what has happened, what will happen, and what you should do to make things better. Now Anadue supports you in a totally new area; the analysis of “Why?”.

How can analytics tell you why the trend curve is accelerating or decelerating? How can it help you correct problems you didn’t even know existed? The answer is by analysing a new source of data, your customers.

Hopefully you already allow your customers to leave feedback via their rider app. Typically, this consists of some sort of “score” between 1-5 and a comment field. The vast majority of customers will never bother to use this feature, but the ones that do have something important to them to tell you. For each unhappy customer leaving feedback, there could be many more that were equally unhappy, but couldn’t be bothered to tell you.

Most companies send this data to their support department, but do they have the tools to extract actionable information from this feed? It might not make pleasant reading, but it would be rude not to pay attention, and worse still, it could affect your bottom line. Anadue gives you the power to understand at a macro level and a micro level your customers’ sentiment; how they feel about your service. It may not be anything the support department can fix, like inconvenient parking bay locations, or the need for a new price plan.

By combining feedback from thousands of comments, you can see what’s most important to your customers.

Anadue’s experience is that the same product and service can create a very different impression on different markets, and even in different locations in the same market. The same price plan can work well in one location, but be considered incredibly overpriced in another. An e-scooter that is loved in one city could be considered slow or unreliable somewhere else.

The reasons behind these variations can be complex. It could be the availability of reliable and affordable public transport, local demographics, the climate, local geography or many others. The quickest way to find out is to listen to your customers.

Once you know what’s on your customers’ minds, you can take relevant corrective action. This could be the difference between long term success or losing your most important asset: your customers.




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