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Hello Oslo! Where are you going?

Anadue has recently added Oslo to the list of cities where we have detailed Location Intelligence and trip analytics. This means we can not only identify where shared mobility rides start and finish, what times they occur and how to position your fleet to maximise rides, but we also know what is near all those start and end locations.

  • Want to know how many journeys start or finish near a train station or bus stop to launch a new joint fare?

  • Want to know which burger chain has branches close to where people end their journeys so you can do a marketing campaign?

  • Want to know how much space is needed for parking outside a park, hospital or other location?

  • Want to know where your most profitable trips begin and prioritise rebalancing to ensure those places never run out of vehicles?

We've also imported over a year's historic data on trips taken using the OsloCity Bike scheme that publishes it's data openly. This provides important insights for everyone operating in Oslo, or planning to launch in Oslo in the near future.

For example, you can see that you can expect about x5 more trips from June to October than from December to March. Useful if planning your launch, a major fleet upgrade or have the opportunity to move vehicles to a city with more demand in the winter months.

If you want valuable insights for your operations, contact Anadue. We can add new cities in just a couple of weeks and you can have the competitive advantage of data driven decision making for your business.




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