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Do you know your customers?

Understanding your customers is the first step to building a long term profitable relationship with them. But no two customers are the same, so how do you manage each of them appropriately without being swamped by the scale of the challenge?

From their first awareness of your company, downloading the app, their first ride, their first payment, and inevitably at some point their first bad experience. Providing the right information and the right response at each stage of their journey is essential to generate customer loyalty and increase profits.

One way that Pathfinder Customer Insights makes this challenge manageable is to group your customers into cohorts. The cohort is a group of customers that shares one or more attributes. Maybe they joined in the same month, or maybe they’ve taken a similar number of rides since joining, or some other important detail that can be used to manage them better, to improve their experience and increase your revenue.

Anadue has developed a suite of optional features for Pathfinder to guide and support you to take appropriate action with every one of your customers. Typical enhancements to your business include:

  • Identifying customers that have installed the app, but not taken a ride after X days

  • Identifying customers that only took one ride in their first month of joining

  • Identifying customers that used to take several rides per week, but haven’t ridden for X days

  • Identifying customers with credit on their account that haven’t ridden recently

At a macro level, wouldn’t you like to know how effective your sales and marketing campaigns are? And the conversion rate from customer sign-up to long term revenue generation? What about the typical life-term value of a new customer than joins today? Anadue’s Pathfinder Customer Insights puts this information in your hands with easy to understand reports.

Another important aspect of managing your customer is understanding which of your plans your customers are selecting, and how this affects the number of trips they take. Are they joining, a “no commitment” pay-as-you-go plan, a longer term season ticket, or maybe a promotional plan launched to boost rides around special events or holiday periods? Again, Pathfinder Customer Insights can answer these questions quickly and easily.

So you can understand which of your promotions and plans are most effective, and how best to grow your customer base in the future.

Sometimes you need to drill down from the cohort level to reach out to individual customers. By cross referencing the anonymous Customer I.D. that we process with more detailed information you hold in your systems, you gain the ability to act pro-actively. Retain customers likely to churn, build loyalty in competitive markets and increase rides and revenue from customers that currently use a mix of transport options.

Pathfinder Customer Insights provides you with a list of customers that tried your service, and then stopped riding. It includes tools to allow you to see their ride and payment history so you can take action to re-engage with people that are potentially your most profitable customers.

From the global level, to the cohort level, down to the individual customer, Pathfinder’s Customer Insights give you the tools you need to succeed.




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