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Anadue and Freebike announce cooperation

Anadue, a leader in the analytics of mobility, and Freebike, a leading shared bike scheme operator, today announced that they are working together to improve the convenience and efficiency of shared electric bikes. This cooperation can provide benefits to riders, local government, residents and businesses where Freebike operates.

Micromobility is a revolutionary transport movement that is sweeping the world. Small, clean powered vehicles, typically electric bikes or scooters, are increasingly being used as a cheaper, greener and more flexible alternative to cars. Shared micromobility adds an additional level of convenience as riders can hop on and off vehicles whenever and wherever they need, without the need to invest in a vehicle or worry about maintenance and recharging.

“Shared micromobility has enormous potential to transform our cities, easing congestion, lowering pollution and reducing serious accidents. It can also encourage people back into city centres, where currently people worry about finding a parking space or covering the cost to park. But there is much more to running a successful shared micromobility scheme than just making the bikes and scooters available. Anadue’s deep analytics of car and bike journeys ensures that shared mobility schemes can prove their value with real data on the impact to cities, while improving profitability through optimized operations” said Mike Manchip, CEO of Anadue Limited. “Ultimately, operators that are able to prove they are making things better, will be welcomed by local government. And operators using analytics to determine where to place their vehicles will be more profitable.”

“Freebike aims to provide the best service possible to its customers. This means ensuring that there is always a bike available when you need one, while also being a responsible operator by directing users to defined parking areas, and taking action if they are left in inconvenient places or too many bikes build up in one place. Analytics will support our business objectives to offer maximum convenience to our customers whilst supporting local authorities with valuable insight on how the public use their roads and space.” said Matt Morbin, General Manager Freebike UK.

Freebike and Anadue are working together to deliver the best bike sharing schemes possible. Predictive analytics ensure the Freebike fleet is deployed to meet demand. Optimised operations keep more bikes on the road and fully charged, increasing bike utilization, and lowering operational costs. Freebike is also able to share with local government more information about the service being provided to local residents and businesses.




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