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Anadue and ATOM Mobility announce cooperation to make shared mobility more profitable

Dublin and Riga, 1 June 2022: ATOM Mobility, a leading developer of shared mobility platforms, and Anadue, a leader in profitability automation for shared mobility, today announced that they will be working together to improve the competitiveness and profitability of shared bikes, scooters, and mopeds. This cooperation will provide benefits to shared mobility operators and the cities that host them.

Shared Micromobility is a transport movement that is sweeping the world. Small, clean, powered vehicles, typically electric bikes, scooters or mopeds, are increasingly being used as a cheaper, greener, and more flexible alternative to cars. Shared micromobility adds an additional level of convenience as riders can hop on and off vehicles whenever and wherever they need, without the need to invest in a vehicle or worry about maintenance and recharging.

“ATOM Mobility has built an all-in-one solution that allows new shared mobility operators to launch in 20-days. ATOM empowers entrepreneurs to launch their own vehicle-sharing platforms. Our platform relieves all the technological headaches. Our customers are entrepreneurs, who understand the local market needs better than anybody. We help them to focus on marketing and operations and we take care of the technology.” said Jürgen Sahtel, Head of Partnerships at ATOM Mobility. “Our cooperation with Anadue helps our customers reach profitability faster while providing an edge over competitors”.

Anadue does smart mobility analytics for micromobility to help make vehicle sharing businesses profitable. “It is a data-driven business. The bigger you become, the more complicated it gets. Using powerful Machine Learning and deep systems automation, Anadue's solution identifies ways to improve fleet utilization and availability, and executes actions to rectify issues, driving up rides,” comments Mike Manchip, CEO, Anadue.

ATOM Mobility and Anadue are working together to deliver the best shared mobility solutions possible. Anadue’s Profit Automation ensures ATOM Mobility’s customers launch fast, grow fast and provide the best possible shared mobility service to their customers.




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