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See you at MOVE 2021!

After a break of almost 2-years, Anadue is excited to attend a live event! No more frustrating online networking tools and "next slide please" zoom presentations. An actual booth in an actual trade show.

At the The ExCel in London on 9th and 10th November 2021, Anadue can be found in the "Start-up Village" at booth S136.

We attended MOVE 2020, and it was an excellent event, well supported by global experts from transport regulators, local government, mobility operators and solution vendors. An excellent opportunity to learn, and to network with valuable new contacts.

Anadue will be highlighting its latest solutions that empower the shared micromobility ecosystem by harnessing analytics to support data driven decision making by both shared mobility operators and the cities they operating in. Our two main products, Pathfinder to optimise micromobility operations, and CitySmarts to capture the impact that micromobility has on the wider world (safety, city economic benefit, urban planning, providing access to public transport, etc.).

Let us know if you plan to attend, and we can book you in for a chat and a product demonstration.




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