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Introducing the Profit Engine

Dial measuring profit
Maximise and automate your profits

You need to make a million decisions every day to maximise the profit generated by your fleet. You don’t have the time or resources to deeply consider every single one of those decisions, so you make blanket policies. But what if the vast majority of those decisions could be optimised, automated, and implemented without your involvement? Leaving you to focus on the strategy decisions you need to make your business grow.

Anadue is introducing the Profit Engine. A suite of Machine Learning and Process Automation capabilities that ensures your business is constantly tuned and retuned to maximise the profits you generate.

Let’s take a simple example, such as when should you recharge (or swap) the batteries on your vehicles. It costs money to send a street team to a vehicle, but if the battery gets too low, customers will avoid riding it. Typically an operator will tell their street teams a blanket policy, such as “recharge when a battery reaches 40%”. But is 40% the right value, not 38% or 42%? And is it the same for all vehicles? Maybe it varies based on location? Or time? Or day of week? Honestly, it’s too complex and time consuming for anyone to get right every time, but Anadue’s Profit Engine can.

Anadue’s Profit Engine makes millions of decisions every hour, using Machine Learning to find the optimum time to take action, and what action to take. It then either puts that decision into effect itself (e.g. changing the price of a vehicle) or sends instructions to the street teams to take action (e.g. pick up vehicle from X and drop off at Y). No management resources need to be involved in the process.

The exact same process manages and optimises many other aspects of running an optimized shared mobility service. The Anadue Profit Engine analyses millions of parameters an hour, identifying actions that will increase profits and triggering their implementation. Major tasks Anadue’s Profit Engine can optimise and automate to boost profits include:

  • Recharging

  • Rebalancing

  • Dynamic Pricing

  • Price Plan Profitability

  • Fleet size

  • Maintenance

Imagine Anadue’s Profit Engine taking away the demands of micro managing your fleet, and doing it better than you do today.

The Profit Engine supports flexible APIs and is designed to work seamlessly with your mobility platform, workforce management system and other existing systems that you use today to run your operations.

To take advantage of the Profit Engine yourself, contact Anadue for more information:




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