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Anadue joins #WeAllMove

Anadue is proud to join the movement to connect the world with mobility solutions during this time of crisis.

While most of us are encouraged to stay home, essential workers in our community are risking their well-being for the greater good. Medical professionals, delivery service employees, grocery store workers and others leave the safety of their homes each day to ensure that life keeps moving for others.

Many companies and organisations in the mobility sector are stepping up to help by making mobility services more widely available to these everyday heroes. It might the free loan of a scooter, free rides on shared bikes, free transport of food, or many other contributions.

Anadue doesn't have any scooters, bikes or cars to offer, but we have the power to analyse journeys and uncover insights that make sure that other people's generous contributions achieve the maximum benefit possible. The mobility needs of essential workers may be very different from "business as usual" and difficult to predict. Our analytics can quickly reveal the new demand patterns and direct resources to where they are most needed.

If you are generously helping the world keep moving, contact us ( to discuss how we can make your contribution have the biggest impact possible and help you communicate the benefit that you are making to your community.

Together we can help our world move forward, even in this time of uncertainty.




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