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ABi Research: “US$9 Billion Market Opportunity Awaits Shared Micro-Mobility Operators”

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Anadue’s solutions are featured in a new report from ABI Research called “Improving Efficiency and Profitability of Shared Micro-Mobility Operators”, available now.

According to the report, shared micro-mobility operators have been eager to expand their operations, paying little attention to developing a sustainable business model. However, now low on the funding that allowed them to run unprofitable operations, they are forced to move away from growth-based strategies. ABI Research, finds that by reformulating business models, operations, and strategic goals, shared micro-mobility companies can unleash the potential of a market worth US$9 billion in ride revenues in 2030.

"After years of rapid but disorderly expansion, most players have high idle vehicle rates and low profitability in various markets due to a mismatch between vehicle supply and demand. To thrive in the shared micro-mobility market, operators must optimally relocate or expand operations based on data-driven insights and analytics rather than intuition.” explains Maite Bezerra, Smart Mobility & Automotive Industry Analyst at ABI Research.

ABi Research states that data analytics and fleet management platforms, like the ones offered by Otonomo, Anadue, Targa Telematics, and Autofleet, use Machine Learning and predictive analytics to maximize operational efficiencies, optimally expand or relocate existing operations, and ultimately increase ROI based on data-driven insights. Moreover, they provide quantifiable impact metrics, which are advantageous assets for competitive tender applications.

"Shared-micro mobility operators have a tough road ahead, including the need to downsize/restructure, consolidations, and slower growth rates. However, those who are quick to understand the importance of data analytics and implement efficiency and profitability-based goals will be able to navigate the market successfully,” Bezerra concludes.




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