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Anadue has created a Profit Engine
for shared mobility operators

We make operators:
More profitable
More efficient
More reliable
Anadue is a one-stop shop.jpg
Anadue’s solutions grow as you grow. From start-up, to building a team of data scientists, Anadue enables you to meet your objectives

Our solutions are open and modular, so you can pick the modules you need now, with the reassurance that you can add or subtract modules as your business evolves.


If you ever decide to create your own unique analytics and automations in-house, our open platform allows you to build on the capabilities we provide, adding new reports, data-sets and actions.

Deployed in over 40 cities across 8 countries.
Proven to increase rides per vehicle by up to 49%.

Identify profitable cities to serve

Win licences to operate in new cities

Maximise the number of rides

Ensure profitable pricing

Retain your best customers

Reduce cost of operations

Using a wide range of automation and analytics, Anadue is a one-stop-shop to:

Dynamic Pricing
Customers Retention & Profitability Analysis
Operations & Maintenance
City and Management Reporting
Evaluate New Cities

Anadue provides a modular solution:

Pathfinder Solution

Watch our video to understand how Pathfinder can increase your profits with dynamic pricing, optimised fleet distribution, improved customer retention, and benchmarked maintenance.

Ready to get started?
Turn your ideas into incredible solutions.

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