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Zag Daily: How could AI transform your micromobility business? Just ask Ana

AI generated image of young woman with robotic features
Ana: Your Virtual Analyst

Mike Manchip and Adam Tarshis at global analytics firm Anadue tell Ben Hubbard, Zag's Editor, about their new virtual data analyst called "Ana".

This week OpenAI, the makers behind the revolutionary chatbot known as ChatGPT, unveiled a new GPT-4o model giving it an upgraded voice assistant and new abilities to understand and create videos and still images.

Now it can carry out live translations between two different languages and even reply in a human-like way by laughing at appropriate points, or when it was complimented for

being ‘useful’, it replied “Oh stop it, you’re making me blush.” 

The question we all want to know though is, if AI can do this, when is it going to truly impact the new mobility sector? Well, global analytics platform Anadue might just have the answer. Cue Ana.

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