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Meet Anadue at Micromobility America to switch to the fast track

Anadue is proud to participate in the world’s largest conference for small vehicles, and the world’s fastest-growing mobility conference. Organised by Micromobility Industries ( the conference will take place in San Francisco Bay on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th September.

There is a packed agenda with industry-defining founders, journalists, investors, reviewers, technologists, and policymakers from 500+ cities and start-ups. Anadue has already arranged to meet many other delegates attending the event and is keen to meet more! Mike Manchip, Anadue’s CEO will be in San Francisco before and after the event for additional meetings.

Our objective in attending the event is to spread the message that the key to successful, profitable, shared micromobility is to fully utilise the data generated by the millions of events occurring daily with every shared micromobility fleet.

Anadue can provide you with any of the following capabilities to complement your existing solution:

  • Intelligent Dynamic Pricing

  • Customer Retention tools

  • Maintenance Teams Benchmarking

  • Automated City Reporting

  • Tariff Profitability Comparisons

  • Demand Prediction and Optimized Rebalancing/Recharging

Anadue is a “one stop shop” for analytics and process automation for optimized operational profitability.

If you want to meet Anadue at Micromobility America, contact us now at to arrange a chat.




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