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Analytics and Automation: Buy or Build?

Many shared mobility operators struggle with the decision of whether to buy Vs build their analytics and automation capabilities.

Building has some obvious benefits, the solution will be unique to your organization and can be tailored to your exact needs, but how much does it really cost and how long will it take to be ready? You might find that an increasing and unpredictable amount of resources are permanently tied up in maintaining and enhancing your solution. Your entire business could be held back waiting for new features to be added to the solution. Eventually, you could end up with an internal software house serving a single customer, you. This isn’t an optimal use of your time or money.

Buying an analytics and profit automation solution may make more sense. You can focus on optimizing the use of tools, rather than developing the tools. Your management team can drive your business forwards, optimizing the fleet, your teams, and your customer relations, without the drag of waiting for software to be developed by your own teams. The costs of developing and maintaining an advanced analytics and automation platform is shared across the many customers of your supplier. There may be a false perception that buying in a solution is more expensive than building it yourself, but this is mainly because the costs are predictable and presented up-front, whereas building in-house the costs can mount over time, initially appearing unrealistically low. There can also be a perception that a bought-in solution will be a bad fit with your organization’s needs, and a built solution will give you a strategic advantage.

Now imagine a third option. At Anadue we offer a proven set of automations, algorithms, and reports to create and support profitability, all based on working with operators with real-world problems. We also offer something more; the ability for operators to add their OWN algorithms, reports, and datasets on top of our platform, with ease. All without worrying about the infrastructure, data collection, and analytics plumbing underneath, and the extensive costs associated with it. You can achieve more, with less.

The same unique strategic advantages as building a solution yourself, the same (or better) information available to your data scientists, without the risks and costs associated with a major in-house development project.

Now you can both buy in the analytics and automation you need, AND build it out further as you scale.

Here are some of the things to consider in your own Buy vs Build decision:




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