Unlock the growth of micromobility


Anadue’s LiberateMM platform addresses the most important issues facing micromobility operators, building a profitable business and complying to local regulations. In addition, our powerful analytics support strategic decision making and tactical operational challenges.


Demand prediction tells you where to position your fleet for maximum rides, and where to take bikes from without losing revenue. Customer satisfaction rises as more vehicles are available when and where people want them.


Efficient operations cut your costs and keep your fleet productive. LiberateMM tells you which bikes/scooters to rebalance/recharge and which to leave to capture an extra ride. It highlights vehicles you need to find as they’re not likely to be ridden again due to damage, hoarding or theft. It also shows you when you can remove vehicles from the street for maintenance or to reduce vandalism without missing rides.

Building a cooperative relationship with city government can lead to more permits, better located parking and prioritisation of micromobility over cars on the roads. To build that trust you need to be able to demonstrate the benefits your operations bring to the city. LiberateMM enables you to be pro-active in complying to regulations, plus it gives you evidence of how many people you’ve delivered to down-town businesses on clean, zero-carbon emission vehicles.


Encouraging multi-modal travel is a major goal for many public authorities. LiberateMM gives you the data to prove your fleet is being used for first/last mile connected journeys with busses, trams and trains. It can also be used to justify additional parking at transport hubs.

LiberateMM also supports a wide range of marketing initiatives. Which retail outlets would benefit most from reaching your customers? Which of your customers are most likely to automatically rebalance your fleet with journeys that end where vehicles are most needed? One of the biggest challenges facing micromobility today is communicating the benefits of your service, LiberateMM gives you the data to prove how you’re helping reduce congestion, pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and helping people keep mobile without filling the streets with parked cars.

Unlock micromobility growth with LiberateMM.

When the unexpected happens, like Covid-19, LiberateMM supports you as you struggle to deal with a rapidly changing market, reduced workforce and new constraints. Coming out of lockdown LiberateMM ensures you are well positioned to support workers as they support the economy, offloading other public transport options to reduce crowding and maintain social distancing.

These are just some of the many ways LiberateMM can support you to increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and build a cooperative relationship with local government.


Contact us to arrange a demonstration, and potentially even generate sample reports based on your own data.